New York State Citizen Review Panels for Child Protective Services

The New York State Citizen Review Panels are comprised of citizen volunteers who are authorized by law to examine the policies, procedures and practices of the State and social services districts and, where appropriate, specific cases. The Panels evaluate the extent to which the agencies are effectively discharging their child protection responsibilities.

Panels are authorized to hold public hearings, and have reasonable access to public and private facilities receiving public funds to provide child welfare services within the panel jurisdictions. For further information on how and when to contact the panels click here.

There are three panels in New York State, each with 13 members. The Western panel covers the 17 counties in the western region of the state. The New York City Panel covers the five boroughs of New York City. The Eastern Panel covers the remaining 40 counties.

New York State Map of CRP Panels

The New York State Citizens Review Panels for Child Protective Services denounce human rights violations in every form, especially those against people of color. We stand in support of the fight against any violations of civil rights and a basic sense of justice. The impact of racial injustice and continued disparity in services to minority communities shreds the fabric and stability of families. We honor this moment in history by prioritizing anti-racism advocacy, highlighting bias within the child welfare system, and working with our partners and families to ensure safe, humane, and effective responses to child abuse and neglect.

In addition, we acknowledge the historical legacy of unjust treatment of people of color in numerous systems, including law enforcement. We want to use our collective voices to demand transparency and fairness in examining the recent and unnecessary deaths of Black citizens at the hands of law enforcement. Their lives mattered! Black Lives Matter!

CRP News

In October, the NYS Citizen Review Panels had the pleasure of hosting a Child Welfare Workforce Roundtable. We gathered to the table a wealth of expertise in the state's child welfare landscape to address a critical issue: finding viable solutions to improve workforce wellness, retention and recruitment. The discussions and ideas from this roundtable are crucial as we develop this year's Annual Report, which we hope will be a helpful tool for the state as we all work together to further improvement of the child welfare workforce.